Lexington Oaks

A quality residential community located in Wesley Chapel Florida


Lexington Oak’s Biannual Yard Sale

Tons of fun for all as the neighborhood was strolling in cars from far and wide for this biannual gathering of shoppers looking for a good deal. It was perfect weather this past Saturday in October 2014 during the Lexington Oaks Community yard sale. The Woman’s Club group put on a spectacular showing with all the trimmings outside and inside the clubhouse. Lots of friendly smiles and hello’s from all with some of the best deals in town. I stuffed myself with two delicious hot dogs and chips and a cookie all for only $4.00. Just turned out to be another great day in sunny paradise.

IMG_0349 IMG_0367 IMG_0366  IMG_0355IMG_0354  IMG_0357

IMG_0356  IMG_0358IMG_0361  IMG_0363IMG_0362  IMG_0364

lexingtonoaks • October 23, 2014

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